Fitness Programs

We are pleased to offer mobile programs in your home, or at the gym. We also offer virtual classes to keep clients safe during covid. Find a program that helps you feel your best:


One on One Personal Training

Individualized program based on your personal goals! Including a focus on maximizing strength, balance, and endurance. Our expert trainers first make sure the client is safe and comfortable with exercise and functional movement patterns, and then start to attack client goals!!

Duration: 45-60min


Focused Group sessions

Small classes tailored to participants’ goals, locations, and exercise levels. Perfect for those seeking a team setting to stay motivated and accountable. We work with groups of 3, matching clients based on location, fitness levels and exercise preparedness.

Duration: 30-60min


Large Group Classes

Larger group classes focusing on overall fitness, like improving cardiovascular health, strength, and balance while building friends and working together! Classes welcome groups of up to 12, and can incorporate standing exercises, or seated programs or both, depending on the group.

Duration: 30-60min

Our focus is your Wellbeing


We’re all about celebrating movement in our sessions! Our programming is designed in consideration of movement patterns and planes of motion.


Balance is required in every aspect of life. That’s why we start with the body. We strengthen stabilizing muscles and strategically challenge balance systems to improve your ability to stay balanced as you move through the day.


Physical strength gets our bodies where they need to be and protects us from injury. We believe that strength is the key to unlocking prolonged stability and mobility, which is why our programming includes a focus on strength.


The ability to endure and persevere will take you to the next level. Our programming is designed with the whole body in mind, including heart health! We aim to improve on your cardiovascular endurance to keep you going longer with greater ease.

We're Expanding!

Specialty classes

In addition to movement and exercise classes, we are now offering virtual exercise, healthy cooking classes, specialized yoga and dance instruction.

Elderly programs

Integrated Exercise Classes

Check out our increasingly popular integrated classes for aging adults!