Specialty fitness uniquely designed for you

In-person and virtual exercise sessions to help you achieve your health and wellness goals

Specialty Fitness Programs


One on One Personal Training

Individualized program based on your personal goals! Including a focus on maximizing strength, balance, and endurance.


Focused Group sessions

Small classes tailored to participants’ goals, locations, and exercise levels. Perfect for those seeking a team setting to stay motivated and accountable.


Large Groups

Larger group classes focusing on overall fitness, like improving cardiovascular health, strength, and balance while building friends and working together!

Integrated exercise for the aging adult

Our integrated exercise services are created based on 15 years of working in the physical therapy space with integrated fitness for the aging adult. 

Serving Communities with a Smile

"I have seen Joe twice a week for an hour since May 2020 . I am 86 and have some arthritis in neck and shoulders and neuropathy in my legs and feet. We have been working on strength training and balance. There is no question that Joe has helped me improve on all fronts and I know that keeping up with the exercise I do with him and between appointments is really essential to keeping supple and fit. In addition Joe is a delightful person- bright , funny , knowledgeable and very committed to all his patients. ”
Pat McPherson, Age 86
"I have been working with Joe once a week for about eight months to strengthen my shoulder and knee areas and thereby reduce the (considerable!) pain I had in both. The proof is in the pudding... it works! Joe is knowledgeable and patient.. He tries various strategies to find the best ones for my problems and is very sensitive to my individual quirks and needs. Best of all he makes the exercises fun! I look forward to every session and even enjoy doing the "homework"!"
Betty, age 85
"Joe and EmpowerU came to our rescue. My partner suffered a stroke and spent 6 weeks in hospitals and acute rehab. We were abruptly discharged from a skilled nursing facility at the height of Covid. We were left with a gap in our home services and no caregiver training. Simply put, we were literally home alone and terrified of leaving the bed. Enter Joe, with his compassion, positive attitude and enthusiasm. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about the body and its potential…our potential. He pushed us to believe in what we could do. He empowered my boyfriend to do once simple things that now seemed impossible, like going up and down a flight of stairs and getting in and out of a car. We credit him for getting our lives back on track. While there is still a road of challenges and improvement ahead, we are grateful to have Joe by our side to conquer any obstacles we might face."
Ellen S, Blue Bell PA

To join our services you will need..

  • Informed Consent Reviewed and Signed
  • Physician’s Clearance Form Signed
  • For waiver services ask about additional requirements.

Waiver Accepted

We are a state provider though The Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP):